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A GRAPHIC Footnote

With the exception of most Backgrounds & some Icons - I created ALL graphics on this site

I would really like to acknowedge the creators of the amazing background graphcs on this site ...

 BUT sadly I don't know who any of them are !  I've had most of the backgrounds for many years

Many were only 1024 x 768 Resolution when I got them & I've had to expand them all to 1600 x 1200 for use on my site ! )  

via packages downloaded etc..  & since they don't have any ID's on them I have no idea.

All I can say is the creators are TRUE ARTISTS to produce such high quality masterpieces

 One problem I've run into - time & time again is working out which to use as they're all of such high quality !   To start with I used ONLY ONE across the entire site BUT I soon decided to use as many as possible as they all desrved to be seen !

( The 'downloaded' Icons were royalty free GNU licensed. )


I wish to pay tribute & THANK ALL CREATORS

- whoever they are - 

their work does them proud !!!

- Mike -







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