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Note That :


The "HostName" Part of your IP Address will remain UNCHANGED !!!

This is how your Internet Service Provider is able to track & Bill you etc. 

This will always stay the same - despite being on a Fixed Line  ( Cable etc. ) Or Dial-Up Broadband  ( USB Type )

Your IP address is made up of 4 sets of 3 Numbers  - 999.999.999.999

BUT if one of the blocks STARTS WITH a 0's - they are NOT SHOWN !

Ie -

would show as

Reminder :

This ia a Google "App" located on MY WebSite - I NEVER see your IP Details - I DON'T WANT TO !!!!

My site does not have access to the data YOU SEE in this app.

The data appears to be accurate - I've tried it on MY OWN IP !




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