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SOME Parts of This NEW Site are still being built !


 Welcome  . . .

 Hi  . . .  Welcome to my newest site Macs-PC.Net  ( aka Macs-PC.Co.UK )  - it's been up & running since Early January 2011 - since my old site closed when MindTouch shut down their Free Servers.

This is the MOBILE version !

As you'll see above - I'm still building areas of this site BUT a lot is available !  ( Just not as tidy as it should be YET !)   This is only a small site - since it's my own personal site & I'm the only contributor.


  The site is primarily 'Windows / PC' Based - with Info etc. as a NEW feature - I've included a FUN section.   Currently it features

Funny Council Complaint Quotes &

Funny Motor Insurance 'Claim Form' Quotes 


 IF you think of something that YOU would like to see in any of the 3 sections - please let me know & I'll look into trying to provide it !!!


IF You'd like to contribute - please e-mail me - IF I LIKE IT - I'll put it on for all to see !!!


I hope you find the site interesting & easy to use. 


Thanks for visiting - I hope you'll call back to see the improvements in time 

 Cheers for Now  . . .

- Mike -


This WebSite is NON-PROFIT  !

I receive NO FUNDS from advertising - or ANY other means !!!

I HAVE TO PAY to own the Web Addresses.

I place ONLY FREE Ads on this site for other sites which provide

FREE / Low Cost Software / Services




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