My experience of Symantec / Norton is - A GREEDY COMPANY THAT ALWAYS PUTS ITSELF FIRST !!!

When my Dad WAS SUPPLIED WITH THE WRONG SERIAL NUMBER when he updated his subscription online about 4 years ago - IT TOOK  Symantec  3 MONTHS to correct your error leaving him with NO PROTECTION & yet instead of being supplied WITH 12 months of correct protection - he was only supplied with NINE MONTHS


I lost my patience with  Symantec  around 2005 because prior to this time - IF your Norton AntiVirus expired - you had limited functionality & protection with NO Virus Updates . . . Fair Enough - if you don't pay for the advanced protection & updates - you don't get advanced protection & updates BUT then Symantec got greedy - & decided from the second that the payment expired - so did ALL THE PROTECTION - meaning that from then-on the software you purchased would cease to function AT ALL - leaving you open to EVERY VIRUS ON THE INTERNET.  As a result - a lot of peoples machines got infected very quickly !!!   SO - I replaced ALL  Symantec  software - which was a shame - because I used to  highly rate  Symantec / Norton & not only USED but also RECOMMENDED  Symantec / Norton  programs including  Norton Utilities / System Works / Internet Security / CleanSweep / WinFax & PC Anywhere to name a few. 

I also used to use  Symantec  PC Tools for Windows 3.1 / 3.11 on Dos 6.2 in the early to mid 90's.   IT WAS AWESOME - GROUND BREAKING !!!!  No question - it turned the GUI / Functionality & Control of Win 3.1 into a Win 95 type platform - BEFORE WIN 95 WAS EVEN RELEASED !!!  We bought it at a Jumble Sale & to this day - I still consider it one of the best finds / purchases EVER.

NOW Symantec's software is no better than it's competitors - even the FREE ones & yet the cost is  over the odds & the second a customer has an issue - they're locked out with no concern for their online safety.   The lack of ethics towards customers is STUNNING . . . PROFIT ALWAYS COMES FIRST !!!

Symantec bought up Partition Magic from Power Quest & then DUMPED IT - UTTERLY SHAMEFUL !!!

Symantec's Software AND customer treatment has got worse instead of better since the Mid 2000's.

I'm an IT Engineer with over 23 years experience with PCs / Windows etc


- Mike -

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